2023 Hottest Wedding Trends

Weddings look completely different now, especially after a few years of restrictions, lockdowns, guidelines, and isolations.  It’s safe to say no more minimalists – bring on the excess!

Couples are not planning the same types of weddings as their parents and their grandparents.  Times have changed, fashion has come and gone, and money limitations have made guest lists tighter and food options adventurous.  At the end of the day, these couples are telling their unique love story, with color schemes, floral arrangements and location settings that set them apart.

Now that there are no more restrictions and guest limitations, over the top details are here for the rest of the year to make special days truly memorable.  I’m serious when I say that ‘less is more’ has been thrown out the window!  The hardest part is that every couple wants to make their mark and make their day bigger than the one before.  What sets them apart?  What is so unique and special?  Living to let loose and give their guests something different is what it’s all about.

With 116 days left in the year (yup, I said it!), here’s some inspiration, from fashion to food, to florals – these trends are exciting and fun!

It’s time to express the bold & beautiful.

  • Tented events

Shall we say what a ‘beautiful backdrop.’  Tents provide such a focal point on a special day, and they have truly become the hottest location of 2023.  And, rain or shine, the event will go on!

  • Dramatic structures

Think balloons.  Everyone loves a good balloon arch – perfect for any photo opportunity.  Well, think of the most extreme balloon arch you can think of…this is what couples are bringing to their weddings to set themselves apart!

  • Gorgeous details

Gorgeous linens.  Gold flatware.  Pretty salt and pepper shakers.  You name it!

  • Statement florals

No need to go into detail – you get the meaning of florals and the need for these at your wedding!

  • Terracotta

Terracotta is not just a fall color, it’s THEE color of the wedding season 2023!  From copper, to burnt orange, this is 2023’s favorite theme!  Whether it is your bridal party attire, floral arrangements, centerpieces, you name it – it’s a hot color!

  • Bold and bright color schemes

Again, it’s not a year of being a minimalist.  So, bring on the bright colors!  Jewel-tones, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, color blocks.  Sophisticated and fun.  No, we aren’t here for 50 shades of grey, but more of shades of pink, orange, and yellows.  The colors that pop against outdoor wedding backdrops, and tents.  Not to mention the endless possibilities you can do with your florals and vibrant blooms!

  • Lace

Sexy. Long sleeves, full lace dresses, veils. 

  • Black Tie

No more casual because that is what a minimalist would do.  We are going high fashion, black tie affairs!  Bring on the style!

  • Blurry photos

This is a new one for me, but it’s a thing and Tik Tok made it happen.  Blurry photography is bringing the heat, but you must make sure your photographer can bring the skills to deliver this really cool look!

  • Festive favors

Pull out all the stops – customized favors, knock out midnight snacks, after party sunglasses!

  • Low key bridal parties

Because the main event is so extravagant, bridal showers are becoming less and less crowded if a party at all.

  • High energy goodbyes

Who doesn’t love a good after party?  When the DJ plays that last song, you aren’t ready to go back to your hotel room, so move onto an after party!  It’s a good time to move the party to another location and just let your hair down!

  • Fire free exits

We are saying goodbye to sparklers – don’t get me wrong, the photos are beautiful, but when you combine a beautiful white dress and overserved guests, this may not be a good idea!

  • & Private Last Dance

Those who have already said ‘I Do,’ we can all relate, that the day goes by all too fast.  When the night is over, and while the reception space is getting taken down, it’s the perfect opportunity to take it all in one last time – even if the staff are cleaning up around you, it’s all about the two of you, married at last!

Phew…hurry up and get those 2023 trends in for the year!  Because I am excited to share 2024 trends very soon!