owner and lead event planner

It’s a beautiful thing when a passion and career come together.  For me, I started my love affair with Mexico after visiting with my now husband, every February, as our winter getaway from Michigan.  Having held my event planning certificate for a few years, it took me marrying the love of my life to create this business.  

They say, weddings should be the happiest day of your life, and to be honest, I thought that was all speculation before I said I Do.  I never truly understood what the fuss was about until that moment was right in front of me.  Now, I want nothing more than to be surrounded by love, gowns, visions, and dreams.  With my magical love story, I am dedicated to make all clients feel valued, celebrated, and heard.

I am an extension of you.  To do the hard things, so you can relax and enjoy these moments.  I may be overly organized, use too many emojis, and my emails can become a biography, but I make sure to dot my I’s and cross my T’s – leaving no details missed.  Every single detail will be memorable and enjoyable, and it would be my absolute pleasure to assist at the execution of your event with the utmost dignity and respect.


Who is Meaghan?

  • OCD about details and obsessed with making lists (the post-It note Queen)
  • Whether planning birthday parties, friend get togethers, helping friends and family plan their most important life moments; known as the planner among those around me
  • When not planning, or working – I enjoy binge watching reality TV, riding my Peloton, being with my husband and two dogs, facetiming my nieces and nephews, and reading!
  • I have two middle names, I never know the lyrics to a song, I’m obsessed with the Royals, author of two children’s books, will always say yes to a glass of wine, love gifting others, dog mom to two boy tie wearing boys
  • Best thing at wedding – music and champagne
  • Published in ‘I Do Destination’ Magazine

Meaghan helped to plan both my gender reveal party and my friend’s baby shower.  She shows great attention to detail in both her continuity of design and small touches like welcome signs and layout of centerpieces, food and more.  Not only that but she goes above and beyond, so far above that she even made my gender reveal cake!  I highly recommend Meaghan to anyone planning an event.

amanda thorne