The McDonalds

Going back to my stomping grounds, I had all the feelings while in route to The McDonald Wedding.  The venue selection was the perfect combination of romance and fun for Kelsey and Chad’s July wedding.  Natural landscapes and ivy-covered architecture were stunning surroundings for this summer wedding.

Small town Jackson – family oriented, a community, many lakes, good schools, golf courses, and an enjoyable place to live to benefit all four seasons.  Another perk of living in a small-town, you tend to know a lot of people, and for Kelsey and me, we already knew of one another.  So, pairing a familiar name with a wedding planner seemed like the perfect duo.

I don’t have the words for how honored I was to be Kelsey and Chad’s on-site coordinator for their special day.  Kelsey could not have made the process any more seamless.  She is a person with such a big heart, a contagious smile, and such a laid pack personality (why does it feel like I am writing vows here!).  Did I mention she also has the traits of a wedding planner with her detailed excel spreadsheets and packing capabilities – it was honestly a wedding planners dream come true!  Kelsey is truly a unique soul, one who cares about others, and who will let you know it, because during her special day, she expressed her gratitude multiple times and even asked what she could do to help while it was time for hair and makeup!  I reminded her kindly to enjoy her day and that was why she hired me 😉

Now that the wedding is over, I can’t help but feel a sense of emptiness now that our conversations of wedding planning has ended.  But that is when you know you found a good person during the planning process.

The McDonald Wedding came together with greenery, golds, candles and touches of blue.  A strict timeline to follow, thirty-five guest tables to decorate, a sweetheart table to transform, loved ones to remember, vases to fill, and candles to light.  For me, making it happen was all that was going through my mind going into the wedding day, that, and the 300-guest list!  You can see the venue room transformation here!

One of my fondest moments of the morning of was assisting the florist with the bridal bouquets.  On our journey to the bridal suite, two luggage carts in tow, we could hear the laughter and chants as we approached the suite door.  That was the sound I wanted to hear, the reminder of what I am doing, and why I am doing this.  The sneak peek of the bridal suite of half empty champagne flutes, lipstick tubes, slippers and dresses hung by curtain rods – the moment was almost here and it was all about to come together.

When you are a planner, there is always a lot going on.  And most of the time, you don’t tend to stop until you depart for the evening.  You are afraid when you sit down or look away, you are going to miss something in the timeline, or someone will need something.  You are on constant alert, but that is why we do what we do.  Our feet may hurt by the end of a 10.5-hour day, but the blisters are reminders of love and hard work.  For me, The McDonald wedding was different because I felt the love, continually. 

On the day of, it is no ones job to take extra time to thank the planner. This time is special and is going to be gone in a blink of an eye so it is best spent celebrating and enjoying the night unless there is something wrong, then please come find me so I can make it right! But with both of these families, it was the little things that did not go unnoticed. My heart is still full of the constant thank yous’, a bridal party chant, a shout out in the maid of honor speech, and an intimate walk with the bride who gave me goosebumps as she continued to thank me for everything. Knowing a job was well done, and that their wedding day came together was all I needed to hear.

It’s the little things that bring me joy, like grabbing two High Noons and taking them to the newly Mr. and Mrs. before their grand entrance so they could have a drink and a moment before the party began.  Or, getting a White Claw for the Bride’s grandmother who was so concerned there were none at the bar. And let’s not forget to take a moment to wallow in Kelsey’s packing list – check out the video here!

I could go on and on about this dreamy blue wedding, where the love was overflowing, smiles were infectious and a new journey was about to begin. At the end of the night, you see the hard work and planning get packed away in to boxes and totes, florals start to dry up, and candles are blown out, but the future for Chad and Kelsey is just beginning.

On Saturday, July 29th, 2023, Chad and Kelsey said, ‘I do,’ and celebrated with 286 of their guests while showing off their dance moves and fueling up on carbs with Groovy Donuts and late night pizza.  The love that these two families had were contagious.  These two and their array of guests know how to have a good time and this wedding gave me a feeling of euphoric I had no idea was possible.

Cheers, to love, laughter and High Noons!


Venue – Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center –

DJ – DJ Mike Holiday –

Floral – Blooming Inspirations –

Donuts – Groovy Donuts –

Cheesecake – Sweet Stacklings –

Photography/Videography – Kalamazoo Wedding Co. –

Marquee Letters – Alpha Lit Mid Michigan –