The Rolands

“I think I may have found my retirement dream,” I told my husband after coming home from the Roland Rehearsal in July.  It is something you must see for yourself, but for Niki and Chad, they could not have chosen a more scenic backdrop for their breathtaking lakeside wedding.

The Roland Wedding was an exceptional event for me and will forever hold a special place in my heart.  From the start, the communication was like speaking with a friend, and the relaxed process was a breath of fresh air.  To see it all come together is my ultimate effort, but when a client brings you to tears with her words is the utmost reminder of why I do this job in the first place.

When Niki approached me, I was already booked on her wedding day, but with her conundrum mixed with her easy-going personality, I just knew I had to help her in some capacity.  Explaining from the beginning that I was not available to be on-site for the big day, I was almost certain she was going to graciously pass on the opportunity.  But no, Niki trusted me and so began our wedding planning voyage together.

We had constant communication from the colors of her charger plates, to framed signs, to décor layouts, to what was in her Amazon cart!  As timelines were created and checklists were crossed off, everything was coming together for Niki and her soon to be husband.

Rehearsal day came, a bit overcast, humid, with rain in the forecast, so a few prayers may have been said during my drive out to meet them!  And to this day, I can remember my drive so vividly, while Jagged Edge, Lets Get Married coincidentally started playing on my XM radio.  As I got closer to the destination of the lake, I was in complete awe.  I wish I would have pulled over, or better yet, had someone driving me so I could take in all the scenery and beauty, because it was absolutely picture perfect.  The lake homes lined superbly on the curvy roads, front porches were nonexistent as you walked right outside to the clear waters in your front yard, bright and colorful chairs and floats were spread from home to home.  And then when I thought the surroundings could not get any better, I finally arrived…to the most beautiful yacht club I have ever seen!

As you drive a curved driveway down towards the water, you are instantly greeted by a large white building with black accents, and tons of greenery!  There were large trees to give some shade and allow for private gathering areas, and bright pops of flowers throughout the terrace porch.  A small sidewalk takes you down to the water, which is an open view to sailboats, children playing and fun in the sun, or if you veer to the right, you approach a smaller version of the yacht club which is the ‘boat house.’  And for the Roland Wedding, the boat house was thee location for their special occasion!

The moment I stepped inside of the boat house, I got the chills.  It’s a moment that is hard to explain because the only thing in the boat house was Niki’s area rug to create a more relaxed and intimate setting, tables, and a few of the décor boxes.  It was an artist’s blank canvas; a planner’s visionary board.  My brain was swirling with thoughts of décor placement and turning this space into their wedding dinner dreams, I could not wait to get started!  But first, rehearsal…

A few of my favorite parts of this wedding group was their love for one another, how fun they were, and how relaxed they were!  I mean, I was SO overdressed!  If I would have received the memo to wear a bathing suit and coverup, I would have joined the entire bridal party!  Just kidding, I will keep it professional for everyone – but on a side note, I seriously loved their energy!  No one ever likes rehearsals – they can be awkward, you never know how it will go with kids, you don’t know where to stand, where do you put your hands – so many questions, right!?  But by round two, it was a breeze, or so I was told!

After rehearsal, the bridal party and family departed and my planner mode was ready to transform the boat house into Niki and Chad’s love escape for their reception dinner.

While decorating, I had to be mindful that I didn’t have the florals on hand, the cake would be brought in the next day, and the chairs would not give it that final factor until they were brought in on the day of. I made sure to decorate with an open mind so the florist could incorporate the floral arrangements easily to really transform this wedding space.

From the cake table, to the bar area including a photo of their fur baby, to a fun table for the groomsmen, to the main table, everything came together with Niki’s colors of blush and a mixture of candles, vases, and vintage pillars. Finishing the final fluffs and straightening the champagne flutes, I took a video of the room and sent to Niki before I left to make sure everything was what she imagined. Her response brought me to tears, and happy tears, because I left that day knowing Niki was even more excited to get married as everything she envisioned was coming together, and best of all, she got to relax and enjoy time with family and friends while her water escape transformed to her wedding bliss.

(Video Transformation – )

Niki and Chad got married on Saturday, July 29th, 2023 in what I call a picture book landscape. A lakefront of an exchange of vows, their first kiss and their first walk as husband and wife. An intimate celebration with their closest friends and family. Although I was not able to be there to witness their love and help celebrate in person, from speaking with the vendors and Niki herself, everything was wonderful and she has been enjoying married life, as she should be! This July lakeside wedding was without fault, the most beautiful setting for the Rolands to start their life together as Mr. and Mrs.

All are love and wishes to the happy couple.


Photographer – Rebecca Carmel –

Venue – Devils Lake Yacht Club –

Florist – Black Dog Flower Co –