It all Started in LA…

There are so many wedding shops online it’s hard to narrow down the selection to your favorite.  For me, it’s all about the style, the products, and the price.  Also, what are the reviews saying.  Do the products and mission stand behind what is being produced and mailed out?

The 2000s, when Amazon Prime was born, smartphones were introduced and Cyber Monday became a thing. But in 2000, a small wedding online shop became a name, from a small apartment in LA. Because of that leap of faith, Wedding Favorites is now one of the most popular wedding websites selling anything from bridal party gifts, reception favors, and personalized gifts. Wedding Favorites has been featured in Modern Bride, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings. My favorite, they strive to make their client’s events spectacular and they really do have an eye for design and for the latest trends.

I was honored to work aside them on a couple’s wedding gift and keeping this secret was SO HARD!  I seriously can’t believe I didn’t post any sneak peeks before delivering this beautiful gift basket. When Angela and I first spoke from Wedding Favorites, I was looking for something unique, yet simple.  Something I knew all my couples would use, and something that wouldn’t end up in a back drawer, or closet floor. 

Thank goodness for Wedding Favorites and their endless items…

Who doesn’t love candles – right?  I mean, ask my husband…we had to eliminate the number of candles in our home because unfortunately the soot was becoming an issue…uh oh!  But we still love them…  With candles, matches are the cutest little accessory and friend of our burning love, so these little finds from Wedding Favorites were perfect, and the stickers to choose from is the absolute greatest pair!

I can’t thank Wedding Favorites enough. They were my go-to for when I was planning my own wedding in 2022, and now have become my go-to one stop shop for my couple’s wedding gifts for their special day. Their stylish and trendy favors are some of my favorites and it’s a gift that I am proud to give.

Check out their stylish product line whether you are in the market for a wedding, bridal shower, bachelorette, baby gift, or birthday!

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