2024 Wedding Trends

These trends are set to be so hot in 2024 that everyone is going to be wanting to add these little inspo tricks and tips to their event!

If you are planning for 2024, no fear, here are your latest trends for the new year!

  • Go short!

Short wedding dresses – yup, I said it!  These dresses serve as more of a casual style, yet still fashion forward.  Come on brides, show those legs!

  • Ditching traditional white!

Don’t want to wear white, no problem, it’s allegedly not a trend in 2024 anyways!  Ditch the white, try something different!  If you don’t want to go for a bold color, you can choose a soft pale, or light shade of blush!

  • Bridgerton inspired!

“You don’t know me, and rest assured, you never shall.” – Lady Whistledown

Any Bridgerton lovers out there – well if so, wedding trends are all about a mix of regency era and modern-day looks.  Corsets, tiaras, statement jewelry, gloves! 

  • BIGGER Bows!

Enough said. I’m all about this!

  • Feathers

In medieval times, brides would wear a peacock feather in their hair as a symbol for good luck.  Now, in 2024, you have the chance to incorporate feathers in any way you want, because it’s a craze for the new year!

  • A reception/second dress

This has been an ongoing debacle for many brides – but if you are questioning whether to do it, just do it!

  • Floral appliques

The details that matter.

  • Something blue

Taking your something blue up a notch.  The color of your dress, your florals in your bouquet – you name it!  It makes a statement!

  • Wedding dress separates

I love a good two-piece set, and if it comes in the form of a wedding piece, why not!  Easy to dress up, dress down, and easily transform to a reception outfit!  Think versatility! Or even better, how easy to wear on your anniversary!

  • Dramatic capes

Swap out the veil for a bridal cape – they are coming back! Now that is something to make you feel powerful!

  • Short veils

If you want a veil, this year’s trend is shorter!

Whatever your style is for your 2024 wedding, you can take it or leave it with these upcoming trends. Your wedding is all about your day, and what you want. From colors, to flowers, to what you wear, to what your guests experience. Trends come and go, but at the end of the day, the memories you create from your big day will last a lifetime. Make the best of it, and make it the way you want it to be – because it truly is all about you!