Molly & Bronson

A wedding surrounded by romance, fall crisp leaves, and Spartan green and white!  A rehearsal that will go down in the books for having thee best surprise ever, and a family heirloom incorporated into the wedding reception.  The unique moments featured in Molly and Bronson’s special day, gave it that extra sparkle, and being involved in their special day, on a fall Saturday in October gave me an experience of gratitude.

During Friday rehearsal, an unexpected surprise was to leave the faces of the bridal party in laughter and smiles, and this surprise was shared with me within two minutes of entering the chapel.  Keeping a straight face, but also slightly excited for what was to come, the next thirty minutes flew by.  Rehearsal was seamless, and the bridal party was easy going. While we were making a few adjustments on the piano, trying to keep the bridal party on the alter, a faint sound of the Michigan State fight song came from the distance.  Followed by the chapel doors thrown open to reveal Sparty himself, walking towards the bride, groom, and bridal party on the alter!  From chants, to laughter, and to Sparty pretending to officiant the wedding himself, it was a great way to wrap up wedding rehearsal….and I got to get a photo with my favorite mascot!

Praying for no rain, we woke up on Saturday to a very misty and wet morning, but it did not stop the production of the day.  Hair and makeup went off on schedule, the bridal party was having fun in the bridal suite, the groomsmen off to the barbershop – it was all falling into play.

Making a pit stop at the ballroom prior to heading to the chapel, I got to take a peek at set-up, and everything was in motion.  Florals were being displayed, place settings were being set, and chairs being covered.  With just a few boxes to unpack, I than drove a quick loop around campus to where it would all begin, with a quick ‘I do,’ and a kiss to seal their vows.

Walking up to the chapel, I took in a moment to soak in the scenery – the white and terracotta mums, the green grass, and the brick building, and just as I looked up above, I could see clouds separating and the rain beginning to stop.  The drizzle of the rain was going to turn dry for this wedding, I just knew it.  Walking into the doors, the chapel was ready to be transformed with just a few alter floral arrangements, guests to fill the pews, and a few talented musicians the play the piano and violin. 

Chapel Video here:

There was no football on this Saturday, but instead, a witness of love.  A beautiful day of pretty pinks, fall florals, shades of blue and terracotta.  As the bride and her bridesmaids soaked up the last few minutes before go-time, I pinned boutonnieres on all the groomsmen, until finding ourselves short by one.  That one person…the father of the bride – oh no!  This could not be happening!  The father needed a boutonniere, so with just a few minutes before first look with his daughter, I was on the alter, scissors in hand cutting a few florals to DIY a ‘special’ boutonniere.  We made it happen!  Thank goodness for my wedding planner emergency bag, you never know what you will need in crunch time!

Packing my Wedding Planner Bag here:

As soon as the bridal party, and most importantly, Molly and her father made their way down the aisle, that was my que to head to the ballroom to finish last minute details!  This time, arriving through the ballroom doors, the transformation was complete and there were just a few last-minute items left on the list.  The cake was set, centerpieces complete, the bar was stocked, DJ was ready, and menus were placed.  The only thing left was to light the candles, have the guests take their seats, and introduce the new Mr. and Mrs.!

Ten minutes to grand entrance, bridesmaids were performing their duty of bustling Molly’s dress and groomsmen were getting excited.  Last minute bathroom breaks and most importantly, grabbing a quick snack plate for Molly – because sometimes, you just need some food after a long day of bring a bride!

The little things made such a thoughtful effect for this wedding, like getting the bride a snack before a night of dancing or making the father of the bride a much-deserved boutonniere – you never know the power and difference little things actually make, and being the person behind that is the dream I live for.  During the reception, you could feel the love, it overpowered the entire ballroom, and you could see how proud Molly’s parents were – I can’t tell you how many people I spoke to during that night who said the same thing, “right there are some really proud parents.”  And the cake topper, which was passed down from Molly’s grandparents was another take on how special this wedding was, and how much love was poured into this wedding day.  Weddings can be emotional, but the emotions are full of love and good wishes – tears of joy, passion, a showcase of thoughtfulness and intention – and the family and friends of the Russell and O’Sullivan wedding portrayed every single trait.

Molly and Bronson have a beautiful life ahead of them, and wonderful family and friends standing beside them.  Whether they are chanting Go Green, or smashing a cake into their face, or dancing together to their wedding song, their smiles on their faces show how much they love one another.  Saturday, October 14th started off rainy, giving a completely new, fresh chapter that was about to take place at 330 PM in the Chapel, on the green campus of Michigan State.  I am so honored to have been a part of the weekend memories and joyfulness with Molly and Bronson – may your love story continue with each and every passing year.


Chapel – MSU Alumni Chapel – Alumni Chapel | MSU Union

Reception – MSU Union Ballroom –

Photographer – Michael & Michelle Terry Photography –

Hair Stylist – Shelley Jordan

Makeup Artist – Lydia

DJ – Wes Echols; Ace Wedding –

Florist – Michigan Flower Barn –

Dessert – Denny Farms Farm Market

Transportation – Lighthouse Limousine

Chair & Sash Rental – Socially Yours