Majestic Elegance

Look no further than the luxury of Majestic and its breathtaking landscape – making it the ideal place for destination weddings, honeymooners, and much deserved vacations.

Majestic Elegance Costa Mujeres is a 5-star, all-inclusive resort, just 20 minutes north of Cancun.

Personally, I have had the pleasure of staying at Majestic Elegance twice now, and it is rated my top vacation resort.  The first time my husband and I stayed was for our honeymoon, and the second visit was with two other couples.  Both visits were relaxing and fun.  We were taken care of, spoiled, and did not want to leave after our 7-day stay.

When you arrive, you are instantly greeted with friendly faces and scented towels – Majestic staff understand that their guests are traveling from all over, and travel days can be long.  Wipe your hands off with a moist towel while being escorted to the front desk for an easy check in.  Best of all, you will not be handed a key card for your room – nope!  Your key entrance is on your wristband!  Best invention ever – so convenient!  Just swipe your wrist in front of your room and your door is unlocked!

The rooms are modern, updated, and spacious, all with stunning ocean views and exceptional quality service.  I’m always the OCD packer and must pack shampoo, conditioner, and body wash – but with Majestic, I leave all my product at home.  They make sure you are fully stocked with their top-of-the-line spa products, and they even leave you with robes and slippers too!  One of my favorite features is the outdoor jacuzzi and lounge bed, which is on the balcony.  This was our favorite evening activity – and if there was a wedding at the resort, you could hear and enjoy the music from the wedding reception while relaxing in the jacuzzi, gazing at the stars.

With 570 rooms, Majestic Elegance staff work around the clock to ensure their guests are having thee best experience.  If you are going on vacation to celebrate, Majestic wants to celebrate too – whether it be a birthday, wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary, you will know they care.  If you let the staff know why you are visiting, a banner will be put on your door, and special surprises will be left throughout your stay.  It’s truly the little things.

When we stayed during our honeymoon, the Wi-Fi was free; however, it was a bit spotty.  During our second stay, this was definitely improved.  There was not an area (maybe besides the beach, closer you got away from the main lobby) that the Wi-Fi was spotty.  Huge improvement, and makes everyone feel comfortable knowing they can contact loved ones and family while traveling out of country.

The resort also offers unlimited visits to their restaurants which offer an amazing gastronomy experience.  There are 7 restaurants, 6 a la carte for dinner and have unlimited visits – meaning you don’t get a specific amount of specialty restaurant visits during your stay, they are truly unlimited.  You could eat at one every single night of your stay and never visit the dinner buffet if you wanted!  However, there are two that do require a reservation, Bistro and Japanese. Food is easily a 9/10 – it is absolutely delicious, where you feel like you are eating at a Michelin Star restaurant.  The Steakhouse was hands down our favorite – we ate there 3 times!  There is also a sports bar, which is always fun and features TVs and games!

Drinks – 10/10.  These bartenders truly know how to make your drinks special and unique, especially at the lobby bar in the evening.  Pool drinks of course are a wide variety, and you can find almost anything you are looking for – bartenders also are suggestive to what you may like or may want to try!  Top shelf liquor, just remember to ask for it!  There are 12 bars, 6 are swim up, and 4 are exclusive for adult only.

Majestic Elegance does offer a Family Section, for all ages, and they also have their Elegance Club, which is adult only.  Some rooms also come with Butler service.  Oh, and did I mention, Majestic Elegance is one of the very few resorts that have elevators!!

The spa…one of my favorite spots!  We went for our honeymoon, and actually went back a second time because as returning guests, we were given a free hydrotherapy gift card from the Majestic staff!  I told you they take care of their guests 🙂 The spa is spectacular, and the staff truly take care of you every step of the way.  From cold, to hot plunges, hydrotherapy, you can swim in a cenote, walk in 8 different showers (ice cold, tropical, Swedish, flavored), sauna, Turkish baths, jacuzzi, and saltwater bath – this truly is a remarkable and relaxing spot.

The beach.  Wow.  This sand is something I have never seen before.  It is the softest sand, but beware on a windy day, it gets everywhere!  But you can’t help mother nature!  If there is seaweed, the Majestic team is out there early on the tractor cleaning up the beach for a day of play.  And the water, the most crystal-clear blue you have ever seen!  No rocks, just wade right in and enjoy!  You never have to fight for a spot on the beach either, there are plenty of relaxing spots, and the same for the pool too!  Oh, and another perk – the beach towels provided are large and soft!  They are free too, no pool cards required!

The pools are a bit smaller than some of the other resorts I have been too, but it didn’t bother me.  I never felt crowded, or that I could not find a spot.  There was always an area to hang out at, always a bar nearby, so my vacation was set!

As many resorts, there is always an entertainment team.  Their team has guided activities throughout the day, and nighttime entertainment.  There is ALWAYS something going on!  I partook in the water aerobics a few times, which was a great time.  The fun part, if you don’t want to do activities, you don’t have too!  It is your vacation!

If you are an athletic one, Majestic does offer a gym, free for every guest!  Sorry, I never made it there!

Other perks are the courtesy showers in the lobby bathrooms for late check out guests.  Again, I told you they truly care about their guests.  This is something I have never seen before!

Also, the wedding team – they are amazing.  I am not kidding when I tell you there is a wedding every single night at this resort – it is that breathtaking backdrop for your ‘I Dos,’ that draws newlyweds in! At a certain time, if there is a wedding taking place in the evening on the Sky Lounge, you will get kicked out of the infinity pool for set-up, but it worked out for us because we would usually go get lunch, and move to the beach, or to another spot in the pool area.  It never ruined our vacation.  And for me, as a wedding planner, I just was in awe at their set-up team!  From tables, to chairs, to décor, to florals, it was a beautiful set-up to watch, for every single couple.  If you are looking for a wedding spot, or maybe a honeymoon, I could not recommend Majestic enough!

Now, the staff…. you make our vacation, every single time.  From the bell boys, to check in, to guest services, to housekeeping, to pool bartenders, to waitstaff, to the activity team, to evening bar staff.  The list truly goes on, but during our stay, over the course of 2 different times, we have not encountered a negative staff member.  Everyone has a smile, they are hardworking, and want you to have the best Majestic experience possible.

Majestic Elegance, thank you for another great vacation.  You will always be my favorite vacation spot, and I know we will be back to visit again!

Hasta Luego,

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